Natacha Atlas - Halim

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Track Listing

1. Marifnaash  04.47 minutes
2. Moustahil  03.31 minutes
3. Amulet  04.57 minutes
4. Leyli  03.40 minutes
5. Kidda  05.08 minutes
6. Sweeter Than Any Sweets  05.57 minutes
7. Ya Weledi  07.08 minutes
8. Enogoom Wil Amar  06.43 minutes
9. Andeel  05.54 minutes
10. Gafsa  06.35 minutes
11. Ya Albi Ehda  08.58 minutes
12. Agib  07.34 minutes

Natacha Atlas' second CD is not traditional, but it's in the tradition: songs of love and spirit. In terms of arrangements there are plenty of concessions to the West, but there's absolutely no doubt where it's all rooted. Another classic, taking you there and making you feel it!

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