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Rites of Passage - Professor Trance

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Track Listing

1. Dance The Day Away  06.01 minutes
2. Young Rebel  07.51 minutes
3. Time For Separation  06.35 minutes
4. Follow Your Passion  05.00 minutes
5. Pass The Test  04.30 minutes
6. Nothing Is Sacred  06.33 minutes
7. Home To Heal  05.03 minutes
8. Mother Of All  04.31 minutes
9. Truths Vibration  04.38 minutes
10. Atone  06.45 minutes
11. Inner Horizon  05.08 minutes
12. Final Passage  05.15 minutes

Life is a circle without end or beginning. With Rites of Passage, Frank Natale explores the Circle of Life and the 12 inevitable stages of physical and spiritual transformation. Presented as a series of rituals, Rites of Passage is driven by powerful lyrics and carefully composed music, designed to access the Natural Wisdom of Our Ancestors, bringing you new perspectives and greater awareness of your personal journey.

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