Tara - Brian Abbott

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Track Listing

1.  White Tara  8.14
2.  Skeleton Lords  10.52
3.  Sunrise over a nation  6.02
4.  Dolma  7.24
5.  Winds on Mount Kailash  7.27
6.  Tim Tara tala  6.12
7.  Prayer to the Dalai Lama  6.30
8.  Green Tara  9.03
9.  Puja at the end of the day  3.17


Produced and co-written by Nigel Shaw.

This CD, Brian Abbot’s first solo project, is inspired by the Tibetan female deity, Tara. Brian has played guitar for over ten years with the bands Global and Riven. The album is an extraordinary journey, the music moving from archive recordings of Tibetan monks and nuns through beautiful ambient soundscapes and sonic prayers (where contemporary western instruments merge with Mongolian and Tibetan instruments) to full power dance and rock compositions.

Musicians also featured include Nigel Shaw, Carolyn Hillyer, Jackie Juno (Riven), Shaun Farrenden (Riven), Michael Ormiston, Tom Brooks (ex-Global), and Tim Gill (EXP).
Guest musicians: Daevid Allen (Gong), Kevin Kendle and Tim Hall.
From each CD sold £1 goes directly to the Free Tibet Campaign and the Tibetan Nuns of Chuchikjall Monastery.

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