The Beginner's Guide to Mantras - Thomas Ashley-Farrand

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Track Listing

1. Introduction  00.50 minutes
2. What is a mantra and how do mantras work  04.59 minutes
3. Seed sounds  07.39 minutes
4. The seed sounds of the chakras  05.20 minutes
5. Seven guideposts for understanding mantra  04.48 minutes
6. The essentials of mantra practice  04.37 minutes
7. Kundalini Shakti  02.06 minutes
8. The Lakshmi mantra for abundance  05.30 minutes
9. The Durga mantra for protection  01.31 minutes
10. The Saraswati mantra for intellectual power  04.27 minutes
11. The Sri Chakra mantra for feminine energy  01.28 minutes
12. The Dhanvantre healing mantra  04.21 minutes
13. Krishna mantras for divine and human love  02.24 minutes
14. The gate mantra for spiritual development  01.10 minutes
15. The Gayatri mantra for achievning enlightenment  15.46 minutes
16. What kind of person do you want to be  04.22 minutes

Could the simple act of uttering a sacred sound influence your physical health, your emotional state ... even the world around you?
On The Beginner's Guide to Mantras, you will learn India's long-secret tradition of mantra - a powerful ""inner technology"" for clearing your mind ... removing hidden life obstacles ... and attracting abundance in every arena of your life, from careers to relationships to artistic pursuits. Thomas Ashley-Farrand, one of the West's leading authorities on mantras, teaches you everything you need to know to get started. Includes detailed guidance for intoning each chant with precision - a key to their effectiveness.

  • Cultivate mental clarity and calm
  • Trigger your body's healing potential
  • Attract more love, creativity, opportunity, and wisdom into your life

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