Tibetan Sacred Temple Music - 8 Lamas from Drepung Loseling Monastery

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Track Listing

1. Invoking The Spirit Of Kindness Through Sound  07.24 minutes
2. Purifying The Environment  12.10 minutes
3. Mandala Offering  10.26 minutes
4. Dance of the Skeleton Lords  10.57minutes
5. Palden Lhamo Offering  07.04 minutes
6. Prayer for Peace  05.59 minutes
7. Dedication of Merit  00.53 minutes

Drepung Monastery was established near Lhasa, Tibet, in 1416 AD by Jamyang Choje, and, until the recent Chinese Communist destructions, stood as the largest monastic institution in the world. At its zenith it housed almost 8,000 Buddhist monks. Famous for its spiritual and academic rigor, it served as a training ground for some of the finest traditions of sacred art, music and dance to be found in Central Asia.

The monastery attracted students from the dozen kingdoms surrounding Tibet, including Inner and Outer Mongolia, Manchuria, Ladakh, Nepal, Bhutan, and others. After completion of their studies, the graduates would return to their homelands and act as important teachers of the Tibetan spiritual traditions. In particular, Drepung was famous for its role in leading the Great Prayer Festival of Lhasa, sometimes attended by as many as 50,000 monks and nuns.

With the forced closure of all major Tibetan cultural institutions following the Chinese invasion of 1959, several hundred lamas of Drepung managed to escape to India. Here they work diligently to preserve their magnificent spiritual, cultural, and academic traditions, eventually rebuilding their monastery in Karnataka State, India.

The recording of TIBETAN SACRED TEMPLE MUSIC by Eight Lamas from Drepung is recognized as one of the finest tonal chant recordings ever made. The vibrations of the music and tones have a healing, harmonizing, and uplifting effect, and the chants are used as their names imply, for example, ""Invoking the Spirit of Kindness through Sound,"" ""Purifying the Environment,"" ""Prayer for Peace,"" and ""Dedication of Merit."" TIBETAN SACRED TEMPLE MUSIC was co-produced by Bruce BecVar and Nada Shakti.  

Authentic Tibetan tonal chant recordings by Eight Lamas from Drepung-Loseling Monestary chosen by the Dalai Lama. With Tibetan bells, horns, percussion.


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