Dr Chantal Fussler - Bilatone: The Singing Bronzes of Russia

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Track Listing

1.  Bilas are calling  6.50
2.  Alive and swinging  3.17
3.  Soundtalking  3.44
4.  Starjourney  7.44
5.  Hope  5.33
6.  Lullaby  3.55
7.  Sunrise  2.40
8.  Lamentation  3.02
9.  Breeze of wings  3.03
10.  Trance  6.33
11.  Harvest  6.33
12.  Om Mantra  2.55
13.  Inner peace  14.28


Meditation music with bronze percussion plates from Russia.The sound of a Bila is very intense and rich in harmonics, not unlike a singing bowl. Bilas come in various sizes, which are carefully tuned over several octaves. When a Bila is struck, you first hear the base tone that is tuned to before the related harmonics, i.e the tones of the harmonic scale develop. It is the mix of base tone and harmonics that gives the Bila its special sound.
Therapy music, perfect for meditation and as accompaniment for therapeutic purposes.

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