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Shamans Dream - Prana Pulse

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Product Code: CD1725
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Track Listing

1. Calling Spirits 08:20
2. Into the Timeless 06:54
3. Mother Water 06:53
4. Submergence 06:09
5. The Way Through 06:58
6. Giving Gifts 08:00
7. Prana Pulse 07:29
8. Breath of Ma 05:52
9. Nectar 07:24
10. Letting Go 09:17

Music for Yoga, Love, and Ecstatic Dance.

The practice of yoga is fueled and guided by the flow of prana-life energy. Shamans Dream invites us to let go and lose ourselves in this infinite rhythm. In their first-time collaboration, Craig Kohland and electronic music producer Bluetech arrange a beautifully flowing soundscape that perfectly complements a 70-minute yoga/dance journey. Prana Pulse is an amazing soundtrack for dancers, yogis, movement artists and anyone in passionate spirits.

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