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Tim Chalice

Posted:Tim Chalice

UK, BRISTOL - Kirtan with Tim Chalice & Friends, Tim Chalice, The Langton, Langton Court Road, St. Anne's / Brislington, Bristol BS4 4EG, 28 Apr 2024

Join us for a beautiful, meditative Sunday evening of devotional chanting at The Langton Bristol on 28th April. I'm delighted to say that we will be joined by the wonderful Martin Solomon on violin and harp and David Oliver on percussion.

Come and experience how the repetition of meditative and ecstatic mantras can still the mind, awaken the heart and bring us fully into the present moment.

The moment we begin to chant there is a feeling of letting go, a deepening of the breath and a sense of coming home. We can let go of the doership and simply be present. While focussing on these repetitive sounds our thoughts and worries begin to recede. When the chants end, we can bathe in the silence that remains. Feelings of fear, anger and separation are gently and profoundly transformed into feelings of love, compassion and Oneness.

Kirtan is for everyone! No prior experience is necessary to gain the many benefits it has to offer, simply an openness to what may occur. We sing from the heart, releasing any need to judge, to perform, to impress or be anything other than our own authentic being.

Tim Chalice has been leading Kirtan for over 15 years, appearing at many bhakti and yoga festivals, gatherings and retreats, as well as releasing two Kirtan CDs.

"Tim sings his devotional chants straight from the heart. His voice has a rare quality of authenticity. With him it's all about the soul, but his music is great too, lyrical, uplifting and inspiring." - Ranchor Prime, Author & Publisher

28th April 2024
Time: 7.00-9.00pm
Cost: £15*
Address: The Langton, Langton Court Road, St. Anne's / Brislington, Bristol BS4 4EG. The Kirtan will take place upstairs as part of The Langton Wellness Hub.

Please bring a water bottle!

My latest CD 'Give It All Away For Love', plus previous CDs 'Devotional Heart' & 'Planting Peace' will be available to buy.

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  • Start Date : 28-04-2024
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  • Facilitator : Tim Chalice
  • Time : 7.00-9.00pm
  • Address : The Langton, Langton Court Road, St. Anne's / Brislington, Bristol BS4 4EG
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  • Pricing Details : £15
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BRISTOL - Kirtan with Tim Chalice & Friends

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