Xumantra - The Golden Portal

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Track Listing

1. Code Talker  7.09

2. Cosmic Turtle Dance  7.30

3. Streams of My Beloved  9.26

4. Initiation  4.24

5. Dreams of a Mountain  8.18

6. Sangoma  6.41

7. Eclipse  5.25
This CD represents the continuing exploration of the musical, sonic, and spiritual potentials of Himalayan singing bowls and other sacred sound instruments. The inspiration for the music comes from the instruments themselves and the sounds they produce. Each composition is constructed around a harmonically-tuned set of singing bowls, gongs, or singing bowls and tambura, which produces a sustained sonic field. Such an energy field produces vibratory phenomena related to the body/emotion/mind complex. Accordingly, the music is appropriate for spiritual and transformational purposes - bodywork, meditation, journeying, yoga, etc.

An assortment of tunable instruments - double kalimba, conga drums, ngoma drum, guitar, fretless banjo - provide rhythmic and melodic motifs.

Vibration plus visualization equals manifestation!

Instrumentation: singing bowls, symphonic gong, accent gong, double kalimba, guitar, tamboura, fretless banjo, berimbau, ngoma drum, conga drums, slit drum, sioux drum, vocal chants, cymbal, rattles, shakers.

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