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Chris James - Fiery Eyes

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Track Listing

1. Childhood Eyes
2. Awareness of the Heart
3. Angels take themselves lightly
4. A World of Wonder
5. Heartfelt Thanks
6. We are always in my heart
7. Stretch your wings and fly
8. Soulful Union
9. Let it shine on you
10. Fiery Eyes
11. Are you all listening
12. Amazing Grace
13. When I'm with you
14. We are angels

"Many of us look for the moment that defines a quantum leap in the way we express and create in our lives. this album is that expression for me.
I have been teaching and recording music for many years, but in recording this album ‘fiery-eyes’ I have learnt something unique that will be the lodestone for listening to, singing, and creating music for the rest of my life, and that is trusting the ‘ears’ of the heart, that is the ‘feeling ears’ rather than just the physical ears.

This is the esoteric path of sound, and cannot be intellectualised, only felt.

The songs refer to the true feeling and knowing heart, and the quality of living that comes from opening to the gentleness of this innermost truth.
Allow yourself to listen with your own true heart and enjoy."  - Chris James 

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