Prayers of the Last Prophet - Yusuf Islam

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Track Listing

1. Prayers: Introduction  00.26 minutes
2. Prayers: I Am Indeed Close (Surah al-Baqarah)  01.21 minutes
3. Prayers: O Son Of Adam  01.11 minutes
4. Prayers: Praise Be To Allah (Surah al-Fatihah)  02.14 minutes
5. Prayers: Be Mindful Of Allah  01.15 minutes
6. Prayers: Rabbi Ya Rahman  02.18 minutes
7. Prayers: Chief Of Prayers  01.32 minutes
8. Night: Bedtime Prayer  01.45 minutes
9. Night: They Forsake Their Beds (Surah al-Sajdah)  01.51 minutes
10. Night: Night Prayer  02.14 minutes
11. Dawn: Call To Prayer (Adhan)  02.44 minutes
12. Dawn: Light  00.53 minutes
13. Dawn: The Morning Prayer  00.54 minutes
14. Dawn: If You Ask Me  03.16 minutes
15. Dawn: Let Not Our Hearts Deviate (Surah Al 'Imran)  00.41 minutes
16. Day: Istikharah  03.08 minutes
17. Day: Sovereignty (Surah Al 'Imran)  01.48 minutes
18. Day: Leaving Home  00.29 minutes
19. Day: Travel Prayers  02.20 minutes
20. Day: Visiting The Sick (Surah al-Shu'ara)  01.11 minutes
21. Day: Seventy Thousand Angels  01.38 minutes
22. Day: Entering The Mosque  01.01 minutes
23. Day: Truly My Prayer (Surah al 'An'am)  00.54 minutes
24. Day: Water, Ice And Snow  00.54 minutes
25. Day: Prostration  01.17 minutes
26. Day: Al-Tashahhud  01.14minutes
27. Day: O Allah, Help Me  00.49 minutes
28. Day: Leaving The Mosque  00.37 minutes
29. Day: Rivalry In Worldly Increase (Surah al-Takathur)  01.45 minutes
30. Day: Visiting The Graves  01.28 minutes
31. Evening: Entering The Home  00.32 minutes
32. Evening: Grant Us Wives And Offspring (Surah al-Furqan)  00.40 minutes
33. Evening: Prayer For Children (Du' a)  00.39 minutes
34. Evening: Prayer For Parents  00.31 minutes
35. Evening: In Sa'altu  01.15 minutes
36. Evening: Prayers For Eating  01.32 minutes
37. Evening: O My servants  02.14 minutes
38. Evening: Prayers On The Prophet (Surah al Ahzab)  00.44 minutes
39. Evening: Blessings On Muhammed (Du' a)  02.38 minutes
40. Evening: Salli 'Ala Muhammed  04.21 minutes

Synopsis Prayers Of The Last Prophet is the follow-up to the hugely successful The Life of the Last Prophet , and contains a collection of du’as (supplications) as used by the Prophet Muhammad.
Narrated by Yusuf Islam and structured around phases of the day, these du’as cover a range of everyday activities seeking Allah‘s guidance. All are derived from Qur’an and Hadith and are fully authenticated. Prayers also contains Qur’anic recitation by the renowned Egyptian Qari’ (reciter) the late Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Alhousari and features 3 new songs including Yusuf Islam’s 'If You Ask Me'.
Total Running Time 61 mins
Narrated by Yusuf Islam. Qur’an recitation by Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Alhousari

Prayers Of The Last Prophet is the follow-up to the hugely successful The Life of the Last Prophet , and contains a collection of duÆas (supplications) as used by the Prophet Muhammad.

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