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Wendy Rule - The Lotus Eaters

Product Code: CD1563
Price: £16.33
Track Listing

1. Horses 8.02
2. Everywhere and Nowhere 5.25
3. Penelope 3.50
4. My Heart is Like an Open Flower 1.22
5. Strange Little Soul Bird 2.55
6. The Lotus Eaters 5.42
7. La Femme de la Mer 4.53
8. Circe 2.41
9. Hecate 4.07
10. Ulysses 2.08
11. Calypso 6.44
12. The Water 5.09
13. Come to the Lake 3.59
14. The Raven Song 3.27
15. Descend to the Ocean 6.20
Over an oceanic soundscape of vibraphone and cello floats the swirling vocals that Wendy Rule has become renowned for. Anchored in the ancient Greek myth of Odysseus, this extraordinary collection of richly emotive siren Songs is as beautifully deep as the ocean itself. The journey begins with the epic opening track, Horses – an ode to the spirit of Freedom – before launching into a journey where we meet the many faces of the Goddess conveyed through Wendy’s subtle and beautiful lyrics,  from the yearning of Penelope and the sorrow of Calypso, to the wisdom of Circe and the wild dark rhythms of Hecate .

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