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Where Young Grass Grows - Huun-Huur-Tu

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Track Listing

1. Ezir-Kara  03.43 minutes
2. Anatoly on Horseback  00.47 minutes
3. Deke-Jo  02.27 minutes
4. Xöömeyimny Kagbas-La Men (I Will Not Abandon My Xöömei)  05.44 minutes
5. Avam Churtu Dugayimny (Dugai, the Land of My Mother)  01.57 minutes
6. Dyngyldai  03.40 minutes
7. Highland Tune  06.07 minutes
8. Hayang (Name of a Hunter)  02.39 minutes
9. Barlyk River  02.31 minutes
10. Tarlaashkyn  02.07 minutes
11. Interlude  00.20 minutes
12. Sarala  03.40 minutes
13. Sagly Khadyn Turu-La Boor (It's Probably Windy on Sagly Steppe)  03.47 minutes
14. Ezertep-Le Bereyin Be (Do You Want Me to Saddle You-)  04.00 minutes
15. Live Recording [Live] [Live]  01.28 minutes

Huun-Huur-Tu has travelled through Tuva examining various nuances of the country's musical ornamentations, thus diversifying and broadening the scope of Tuvan music they play. Huun-Huur-Tu is known for their sophisticated approach to Tuvan music, as they combine the classic khoomei, or "throat" melodies, with other traditional Tuvan musical styles.

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