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Carolyn Hillyer - Weathered Edge

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Track Listing

1.  Ancestor Song
2.  This is our Clan (a prayer)
3.  Song of Thorn (a protection)
4.  The Oldest Magic
5.  Diamonds and Bones
6.  Testimony
7.  Nameless Drum
8.  The Skin Mask
9.  Twilight Tongue (owl song)
10.  Sea Witch
11.  On Ghost Eve
12.  The Sisterhood of Weavers
13.  Night of Stags
14.  Weathered Edge
15.  A Touch of Menopausal Anarchy

This powerful collection of songs, wanders through an extraordinary landscape of delicate shadows, vast perspectives, beautiful secrets and dark ancestral memory. Here are songs for the deep roots of life, for the distant call of northern ice, for old magic, for love born from damp soil, for the woman who journeys to the far edges of herself.

The Weathered Edge songs are strongly crafted. The raw simplicity of the drum is complimented by dulcimer, piano and keyboards arrangements, as well as contributions of flute and whistle by Nigel Shaw. Carolyn's lyrics are powerful, tender and intense.

Tracks include.....Testimony, Nameless Drum, Ancestor Song, The Skin Mask, On Ghost Eve, Oldest Magic and many others.

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