Davide Swarup - Music for Hang

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Track Listing

1. Moods 
2. Intermezzo I 
3. Effetto Zappa 
4. Busking 
5. And the Groove 
6. Intermezzo II 
7. Mooie Dani 
8. Why Not 
9. An End

Davide Swarup has attempted to show the beauty of this beautiful music instrument, the Hang. Supported by Samekh Records with BigMouth Studio they have tried to give you the same feeling of the live sound of the instrument

The Hang is a Swiss (steel) drum with melody invented and presented for the first time in the year 2000 by Sabina Schärer and Felix Rohner from PANArt after many years in researching materials, acoustic resonances of metals and music scales from all around the world.

Try the effect of the Hang on you. Just close your eyes and use it for any purpose you like; you can use it to relax, sleep, meditate, dance, do yoga, do reiki, make love, paint, make a sculpture, cook, and so on.

A rare and beautiful recording of The Hang, a beautifully relaxing and captivating sound that is ideal for Meditation, Sound healing and just chilling out!

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