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Deepak Chopra & Friends - A Gift of Love 2 - Oceans of Ecstasy

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Track Listing

1. Oceans of Ecstasy: Oceans of Ecstasy  04.32 minutes
2. Shores of Love: The Storm  05.22 minutes
3. Nothing Lasts Forever: Nothing Lasts Forever  03.54 minutes
4. Past Love: Former Lover  06.05 minutes
5. Flight to Freedom: My Gift to You  03.02 minutes
6. Flight to Freedom: Flight to Freedom  03.00 minutes
7. This Is True: Time Is Short  02.47 minutes
8. This Is True: This Is True  01.51 minutes
9. When I Kiss: When I Kiss  05.09 minutes
10. Lady of Silence: Essence of Love  00.47 minutes
11. Lady of Silence: Lady of Silence  01.20 minutes
12. Lady of Silence: In Love With You  02.55 minutes
13. Sea of Love: Sea of Love  04.21 minutes
14. My Love: My Song  02.19 minutes
15. My Love: Soul Mate  01.31 minutes
16. I Will Come to You: I Will Come to You  04.10 minutes
17. Valentine to Tagore: Be  02.40 minutes
18. Valentine to Tagore: Oceans of Ecstasy  01.03 minutes
19. Valentine to Tagore: I Am You Poem  01.00 minutes
20. Transcendence: Transcendence  04.04 minutes
21. Transcendence: Free Me  01.02 minutes
22. Woman of Sorrow: Woman of Sorrow  05.03 minutes
23. Nothing Lasts Forever [Instrumental]  03.57 minutes

Acclaimed Mind, Body, and Spirit Leader, Deepak Chopra, M.D. shares with us his deep love for the great Indian Mystic and Nobel Laureate, RABINDRANATH TAGORE (1861-1941) who is considered a Saint and Reformer in India.

Composer and Producer  Adam Plack's sensual grooves are laced with passion-soaked exotic vocals and chants, Balearic beats and intoxicating rhythms have resulted in a dreamy, jasmine-infused soundtrack to Deepak Chopra's luminous translations of Tagore's verse.

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