Shawna Carol - Goddess Chant

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Track Listing

1. Sacred Pleasure  6.43

2. Be Still  3.51

3. Make Sacred Space  5.40

4. Mother's Gift  3.53

5. Spiritsong  4.56

6. Blessed Be  5.45

7. Rise Up  3.01

8. Praise Her  2.56


 This 1998 release elevates the 'genre' of Goddess-centred and woman-honouring chants to a new level: rather than simple circle rounds and chants, these are lush, elegant, harmonic, deeply layered original extended choral chants... yet easy to learn and sing with. One senses how these chants emerged from the artist over time, and they invite us to move with her through this mass-like ritual over and over, centring and expanding. From the joyful and celebratory Sacred Pleasure which many of you already know ('I am the Goddess/ I am the Mother/ All acts of love and pleasure are my ritual'), to the nurturing Mother's Gift, to the sacred sounds of Blessed Be, to the gospel-infused Praise Her, this music is meditative, inspirational, and awesome.

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