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There's No Place Like Ohm Vol 2 - Analemma

Product Code: CD1193
Price: £15.99

Track Listing

1.0oHM 01   06.33 minutes
2.0oHM 02   06.29 minutes
3.0oHM 03   10.17 minutes
4.0oHM 04   02.59 minutes
5.0oHM 05   01.53 minutes
6.0oHM 06   07.46 minutes
7.0oHM 07   03.38 minutes
8.0oHM 08   06.11 minutes
9.0oHM 09   02.25 minutes
10.0oHM 10   01.05 minutes
11.0oHM 11   06.11 minutes

A new release from Marjorie de Muynck. In the midst of her own holistic and natural healing journey from cancer, Marjorie musically explores the restorative power of Ohm (OM), an earth tone, and the beautiful & healing effects of animal sounds. As a subtly textured wave of sound, the Ohm drone carries and lifts each featured instrument. This beautiful interweaving of natural and animal sounds creates an unhurried dialogue between wind and string instruments, and the earth sounds that inspired their voice. Recommended for use with Ohm Tuning Forks.(Please see our Tuning Forks section).

Featured instruments: African kora, Middle Eastern oud, Native American flute, didgeridoo, harmonica & various soothing animal sounds.

Deeply relaxing, ideal for stress reduction & pain management. Recommended for bodywork therapies, spa treatments and home use.

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