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Tom Kenyon - Songs of Magdalen

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Track Listing

1.0The Meeting at the Well   04.17 minutes
2.0I and My Beloved   08.36 minutes
3.0Sar'hs Song   03.27 minutes
4.0The Skies over Jerusalem   02.54 minutes
5.0Maries de la Mer   06.18 minutes
6.0An Offering to Venus   05.45 minutes
7.0Shekina   05.36 minutes
8.0The Calling of Andrion - Healing Angel   07.27 minutes
9.0In the Company of Angels   07.48 minutes
10.0From the Heart of Isis   03.09 minutes

'These songs were forged in the foundry of my heart. They are an artifact, a tracing of my life. I offer them to you. I lay them before your feet. May they bring you comfort and solace on your journey home to the exquisite light and unimaginable beauty of your soul.' - Mary Magdalen, received by Tom Kenyon.

Songs of Magdalen reveals through music the eternal love, poignant solitude, and transcendent grace of Mary Magdalen - priestess, mother, and beloved of Yeshua ben Joseph (known today as Jesus Christ). Through his special connection to the spiritual power of the Magdalen and his astonishing four-octave voice, Tom Kenyon transports you into the very heart of Mary Magdalen.

Songs of Magdalen also features three toning tracks, soul therapy meant to transmit healing energy to you directly from the source of the divine feminine.

Hauntingly beautiful, these songs are 'a lightning bolt from the heart of the Cosmic Mother,' according to Tom Kenyon. 'It is my prayer that they may touch you as deeply as they have touched me.'

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