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Academy Of Sound Healing

Posted:Academy Of Sound Healing

New Zealand, ALBANY, AUCKLAND - Level 1 Foundations Of Integral Sound Healing, Kata Mikecz, Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre, 14 Mills Lane, Albany, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand, 0632, 07 Jun 2024

This Integral Sound Healing is a powerful process that can help you deal effectively with a health, relationship or life challenge that you may be facing.

On this Level 1 Workshop, you'll get an experience of our unique Integral Sound Healing method! You will also learn foundational skills to help others in your life that are dear to your heart.

Learn how to offer sound healing with healing sounds!

Intensive workshop and online learning center provide:

1. An introduction to the Science, Art & Alchemy of our unique Integral Sound Healing process

2. The foundational knowledge, skills and techniques for working with 6 main instruments for sound healing:

Himalayan/Tibetan Singing Bowls
Crystal Singing Bowls
Tuning Forks
Drums & Percussion
Your Healing Voice
How to bring it all together for:

Personal self-care and spiritual evolution
1 on 1 sound healing sessions
Small group ‘sound bath’ healing sessions

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