Carolyn Hillyer - Grandmother Turtle - A Circle of Thirteen

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Track Listing

1.  Grandmother Turtle
2.  Brown Birds Turning
3.  Shaman - Ca
4.  Songi Night Hidden
5.  Old Woman Sleeps Good
6.  Following First Blood
7.  She Cuts Ice
8.  Good Mother Honey
9.  Bone Hill Hag
10.  Moth Wing Woman
11.  Fire Pit Singing
12.  Black Coral Fishmother
13.  Grandmother Weaves-the-Wind


An album of powerful and evocative songs which describe a circle of thirteen greatmothers of wisdom. Each of the thirteen hold a key to an aspect of our inner landscape - woman as warrior, guardian, creator, mystic, myth-keeper and creature of the wild. Woman collecting the fragments of ancient memory, resonating with earth rhythms, pushing to the raw edges. Bone Hill Hag, Fire Pit Singing, Good Mother Honey and Shaman-Ca.

The instruments used are primarily frame drums and rattles; also feature are kalimba, didjeridu, flutes and some keyboard arrangements by Nigel Shaw. Recommended for dance and song-circles.

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