Primordial Didge - The Sound of Creation - Astarius

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Track Listing

1. Tribal Love  06.38 minutes
2. Samadhi  05.10 minutes
3. Lion People  05.06 minutes
4. Wealthy  06.07 minutes
5. Primordial Didge  07.00 minutes
6. Contact  02.36 minutes
7. Buddah's Bliss  05.31 minutes
8. Messiah  05.27 minutes
9. Liberation  05.00 minutes
10. Quan Yin  06.58 minutes
11. Spiral  01.57 minutes
12. 1 Didge Galloping  03.17 minutes

Didgeridoo with Tribal Drumming.

 Healing Music.

Astarius introduces his unique art of purring, which mirrors the spirit of the Jaguar.

Human purring has it's roots in Shamanism and activates blissful states while opening the door to inner realms.

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