Shaman Drums - James Asher

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Track Listing

1. Amma  05.06 minutes
2. Send in the Drums  05.56 minutes
3. Red Rhythm Dragon  05.04 minutes
4. Standing Ngoma  05.23 minutes
5. Tantango  05.57 minutes
6. Temple Gates  04.34 minutes
7. Red Desert  05.38 minutes
8. Janjara  05.39 minutes
9. Camel Train  05.04 minutes
10. Return to Egypt  07.24 minutes
11. Orange  02.02 minutes
12. Pemulwuy Returns  05.46 minutes

Ecstatic trance dance music of the highest caliber is offered in the powerful new release by percussionist-extraordiniare, James Asher. Making use of a wide range of percussive instruments, didgeridoo, keyboards, tribal chant and god knows what, James creates a cacophony of sounds and rhythms that are deeply moving and quite infectious. As the movement begins and the rhythms build, a primal connection with the earth broadens and intensifies, taking the listener deep into the mystical, musical core of Gaia herself. In the midst of this focused abandon, ecstasy begins to filter up through the feet, then the legs, the spine, arms, torso, neck and by the time it reaches the eyes there is nothing else in the awareness except the indescribable rapture of total, earthly bliss. Better yet, this vehicle of bliss is completely legal, non-addictive and it's frequent use has been proven to cause weight loss! All right, I made up that part about weight loss because I got a little carried away by the music - but that's a good thing!
Musical Soundscapes, Aug 2002

A potent collection of the best of James Asher's earth-flavoured rhythms, including an unpublished bonus track featuring Indian master drummer Sivamani.

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