Bahramji & Maneesh De Moor - Call of the Mystic

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Track Listing

1.0Crazy Heart   07.10 minutes
2.0Watch The Cat   09.22 minutes
3.0La Illaha (feat. Sudha)   07.10 minutes
4.0Moment With You   06.24 minutes
5.0Dreamcatcher   07.42 minutes
6.0Harambol Connection   01.27 minutes
7.0Return Of The Nightingale   11.02 minutes

"Maneesh de Moor is musician and producer, who specializes in the crossover between the ethnic and the ambient  - the traditional and the contemporary - a magician, who brings the past into the present.
Different roots, but meeting in the same bliss, Maneesh and Sufi mystic Bahram-Ji jump together into the studio and created for us this most precious music.
Made in deep respect for each other's amazing talents, from the heart, with no compromise.
The lyrics are based on Rumi's and other mystical poetry and the tracks carry an urban vibe rooted in meditation."

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