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Deuter - Like The Wind in The Trees

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Track Listing

1. Yellow Mandala

2. Reflections 2
3. Distant Islands
4. Loving Touch
5. Amida
6. Illumination Of The Heart
7. Gaia Dreaming Herself Awake
8. Morning Birds
9. Nada Himalaya 3

Like the Wind in the Trees is a compilation album of some of Deuter's best work…

Living deep in the New Mexico forest, communing with nature and all varieties of critters, Deuter is a master at creating music for the mind, body and spirit. According o his online biography, his music studio 'includes instruments from all over the world: shakuhachi flutes, sitars, tablas, santoors, a turkish saz, and a persian tar;' as well as Tibetan bells, bowl, chimes 'and of course, keyboards, guitars, and synthesizers.' His multicultural music gently guides you to healing places filled with peace, love and light, and this CD is no exception.

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