John Levine - Silence of Spirit

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1.0Silence of Spirit   46.19 minutes

Total Time: 46.18 Mins


"Silence of Spirit" is sparse and pure-sounding, yet is most lyrical and light. This music was composed and recorded in one, continuous improvisation session, lasting an entire night. The composer and pianist, John Levine, invited people to meditate with him through the night of recording.

He became completely entranced in the process and the music clearly reflects his deeply meditational state.

"Silence of Spirit" is part of the "Silence" series of CDs. All have been composed to lead you into a calm state and help you stay there for as long as you need. However, each CD in the series has its unique nature and qualities, especially helpful with particular needs.

Healers: "Spirit" has been composed in the key of "C". In the Indian Chakra system of body energy centres, the key of "C" corresponds to the "hara" or abdominal area.

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