Near Eastern Lounge - R.E.G Project

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Track Listing

1. Free At Last  04.05 minutes
2. Lost Love  06.08 minutes
3. Harem (Original)  03.33 minutes
4. Peace  04.02 minutes
5. Sayat Nova  04.20 minutes
6. Casa Del Sol  04.11 minutes
7. Zay Al Hawa  04.33 minutes
8. Batwannis Beek  06.33 minutes
9. Piece Of Heaven  04.56 minutes
10. Harem (House Mix)  05.57 minutes
11. Passion  04.46 minutes


From the creator of the Buddha Bar I and II comes the next wave of global lounge.

The R.E.G. Project - 3 Beirut DJs who craft the coolest chillout music with their own interpretation of Arabic classics, a unique blend of Eastern melodies and global beats.

Bringing an Arabic twist to the Buddha Bar/Cafe del Mar scene, the R.E.G. Project's work draws from deep house and lounge music, but the melodies are pure fusion. 

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