Nha Mundo - Maria de Barros

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Track Listing

1. Riberonzinha  04.36 minutes
2. Cabo Verde N'ot Era  04.27 minutes
3. Regresa  03.30 minutes
4. Djababra Nha Terra Natal  03.33 minutes
5. Nha Primero Lar  05.15 minutes
6. Mi Nada Um Ca Tem  03.53 minutes
7. La Gloria Eres TĂș  03.26 minutes
8. So Um Melodia  03.48 minutes
9. Nao Nhu  04.15 minutes
10. Triste Gonia  03.49 minutes
11. Nha Mundo  03.42 minutes
12. Manha de Carnaval  03.34 minutes

Total Time 47.50

She was born in Senegal, but Maria de Barros creative and ancestral home is nearby Cabo Verde - the coastal islands which are cultural crossroads of the three continents bordering the Atlantic. The islands are an historic melting pot of African, Argentinean, Portuguese, and Cuban music, popularized worldwide by de Barros famous godmother, Cesaria Evora.

On this extraordinary debut album, de Barros gives traditional Cabo Verdean music a sensuous, effervescently fresh interpretation, with plaintive mornas, coladeiras, and rhythmic, upbeat boleros and sambas drenched as deeply by her rich, soulful voice as her islands are by the sun and sea.

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