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Earth Day - Sing for the Trees

A Single Idea Planted With Hope

In January 2010 a single idea was planted on the fertile ground of Facebook. It was a simple call: Create your own Woodstock. On Earth Day, April 22, 2010 sing to your favorite tree.


Over 3,000 people from 39 countries and 30 states sang to trees


Every day a rain forest the size of Central Park is destroyed.

Every year a rain forest area larger than England is cut down.

15% of deforestation is caused by cutting down trees for toilet paper.


The Civil Rights Movement, Apartheid and more recently Pete Seeger's Ship of Hope to clean the Hudson River have used song to create awareness and galvanize action.


* Helps create community
* Gives us a way to have a voice in saving what we love
* Is an offering of our life force and spirit
* Connects us to ancient traditions
* Nourishes trees by giving them carbon dioxide 
* Is part of the joy of being human
* Helps us relax and tune into nature and to each other
* Reminds us we are part of the chorus of life

"Just letting you know, that since we sang and danced with the trees with the kindergarten children a few weeks ago, many of them are spontaneously doing this ritual every Thursday afternoon when we go back to the forest."
F.D. Switzerland

Enchanting the Land is part of our human heritage and a need to re-connect with the heart of nature. In prepartion for Earth Day I will be doing a series of workshops and events listed in the Events section.

March 27 - London Theosophical Society lecture and workshop
April 3 - Freeing the Wild Voice workshop at the Bearfoot Yurt in Stroud
April 10 - Enchanting the Land workshop at Hawkwood College in Stroud
April 21 - Enchanting the Land talk and slide show in Glastonbury sponsored by the Glasontbury Pilgrim Reception Centre


2011 is the International Year of the Forest. This year people from all over the world have pledged to sing to trees. A woman who is part of a Peace Walk from Las Vegas to the Nevada test site will be singing with her fellow peace walkers to yuccas, mesquite bushes and Joshua trees. A woman in Australia is planting 500 native seedlings. In Brittany a woman is contacting her local schools and communities to sing to trees. A woman in Georgia who caretakes an ancient Native American prayer tree is creating a new prayer tree with a group of children and a Native Elder.

This Earth Day I am happy to be singing at the Holy Thorn  in Glastonbury which was recently vandalized. Each time we honor a tree by singing we are linking with the Tree of Life at the center of the world. 

Earth Day - Sing for the Trees in Glastonbury at the Holy Thorn 
April 22
11:00 - 1:30 
Wearyall Hill
Sponsored by the Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre

I am one person doing this out of my love for trees
YOUR HELP IS NEEDED for Earth Day 2011

* Help spread the word to your friends through your own websites, blogs and social media
* Host a group in your community
* Educate people about trees, deforestation and climate change
* Share your ideas of how we can get more children involved

Earth Day - Sing for the Trees

April 22, 2011

Noon, your time

Coming to a tree near you

Where will you be?

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