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from: Lyz Cooper

Project Global Sound - Growing & Glowing!

I am so excited about how well Project Global Sound is growing! So far I have had submissions from the USA, Australia, Germany, Finland, Russia and of course the UK. This project aims to create a worldwide soundscape - a global community that expresses unity and wellbeing through sharing their sound. You do not have to be experienced in sound work, or a sound healer or therapist. If you have a chant, song or instrument that you''d like to share with the world please send it to us by the 10th October and we will weave it in with other submissions to create the world-wide soundscape of no more than 15 minutes in duration.
The soundscape will also be accompanied by a video which will comprise of pictures of the contributors, their statements (1 - 3 words) and their town and country. The sound and video will be sent to all contributors to broadcast and we will also put it on YouTube to share with the world on the 21.12.11.
All contributors will have a logo to email to people and/or put on their website to say they have contributed in this project. It would be lovely to have submissions from different cultural backgrounds so please send the message to everyone you know - lets see what we can create together!
If you would like to take part, please send me the following by the 10th October 1 - 3 minutes of an MP3 of your sound 1 - 3 words to share with the world 1 image of you or your group your town and country.
For further information click below I look forward to hearing from you! Lyz Cooper

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