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Sound Healing with Gongs now available on Kindle

I am pleased to announce that a Kindle digital version of my first book Sound Healing with Gongs is now available to download from Amazon. This should make it more accessible to those outside the UK, & avoid high shipping charges. The book was originally published in 2010 and has become something of a classic reference book for those wishing to begin their journey with the gongs. Hard copies are still available on my website : Recently it became clear that a digital version was needed, as these days many people download and read books on their Kindles, Ipads and Tablets. Here is the text from the rear cover of the book : -
"Sound Healing with Gongs is one of the first books of its kind about gongs and their use for sound healing and therapy work. The book has been written in plain simple language, for anyone to understand. It covers many topics including :-
Using Gongs for Sound Healing,
The Origins of the Gong,
How the Gong is made,
The Sound of the Gong,
The Gong as a Tool for Relaxation and Relief of Stress,
The Gongbath,
Techniques for Playing,
Harmonics and the Golden Mean, and
The Gongmaster.
Sheila Whittaker is a classically trained musician and sound healer who has specialised in using high quality gongs in her sound healing and therapy work. She is a tutor for the College of Sound Healing, and authored the CMA-certificated Gong Practitioner Training course for the College. She is a teacher and workshop facilitator,giving courses and workshops on the gong and other sound healing subjects. She runs a private therapy practice from her home in Devon, UK."

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