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Carmel Reid
from: Carmel Reid
Category: Sound Healing

Speaking from the Inner Heart

Although I've been presenting courses and workshops on communication skills for over twenty years, I'm now feeling very much like a beginner as I learn more and more about the importance of speaking from the inner heart. For me, personally, this means living with my body instead of living in my head, and letting go of just about everything I've done before. It's been an interesting experience so far.

I’m learning to feel my body when I speak and this helps me to feel the energy in my words.  I often speak just to gain recognition and acceptance, sometimes to produce a ‘Wow’ response, and at other times because I have been sucked into gossip or negative comments about other people and situations. It doesn’t feel nice, and I can choose to either keep blundering on, or stop. This amuses my friends when I stop mid-sentence!

So my current ‘work’ is re-connecting with my inner heart, because of course, it would be far better to feel the energy BEFORE I speak, and whenever I remember (and I’m still a student of this) I ask myself - “Do I need to say this? or “ Do they need to hear this?”  

I could just keep quiet, because I know that harmony can exist in silence, but I am also learning that, when we express ourselves fully, from our own soul-connected stillness, then we can truly serve.

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