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Rod Paton
from: Rod Paton

Train to be a Lifemusician!


Please contact Rod for information regarding post Covid training program 

What is Lifemusic?

A method of workshop facilitation based upon improvisation, participation and trust.

Who is it for?

The method can be used with groups of between 4-20 or more in some cases and is applicable to all kinds of people of almost any background or ability. Recent projects include families and children, self selected community groups, for team building with busy people, in mental health and neurodisability rehab, with older people and younger people, asylum seekers and international community.

How does it work?

Lifemusic works by tapping into innate musical skills and musical archetypes using ‘holding forms’ as access points.

Why train in Lifemusic?

As a trainee and practitioner you will become part of a growing community of ‘Lifemusicians’ using this unique approach. The Lifemusic training will provide you with a unique set of skills for using participatory music in all kinds of settings. And each training group develops its own special creative strength and quality.

Who can train?

Equally suitable for trained and untrained musicians alike, Lifemusic is for anyone who has a genuine desire to use music within their work and within their lives for well-being, creative living, community building and healing.

Where does the training happen?

Usually Brecon, Wales.

How do I apply?

Contact Dr. Rod Paton for an application and registration form.


Or phone:

+44 (0)1874 938145 or +44 (0)7717 416319

What previous  trainees have said.

The training was very thorough in meeting the needs of trained and untrained musicians. (Andrew, therapist)

The ‘Lifemusic’ training revealed  whole new amazing aspects  for me both personally and in my working life. (Chris, playworker;  consultant;  trainer;  entertainer)

I felt inspired to use the lifemusic method in the community after the training as I experienced the benefits of it during the training. I felt Rod to be an inspiring facilitator who encouraged exploration and I came away from the course with a more open minded approach to the healing benefits of music and a better understanding of it being a medium for self development. (Hannah, community musician and singer)

This training has been the key to my finding a bridge between the work of traditional music education and community work  as the walls that had previously separated musician from non musician have been allowed to dissolve, gently but palpably, dissolve. I have witnessed, in only a couple of sessions, people find a release from fears and doubts and express themselves with freedoms previously unknown or even imagined. It really is a source of deep inspiration. The applications for Lifemusic need not have any limits. (Heather, musician and teacher)

Training excellent and finished with enthusiasm to incorporate it into existing activities. (Jacquie, community music practitioner.))

My experience of both Lifemusic training and using the method, was liberating and inspiring. It introduced me to listening and communicating on a far deeper level than I’d experienced in other forms of music, such as singing in a choir or playing in a band or in an orchestra. And what really struck me was how strongly Lifemusic bonded us as a group of people! It was as though Lifemusic stripped us of our hang ups and inhibitions and revealed our true selves.   (Josie, musician, singer and teacher).

To me lifemusic has changed the way I listen to music, and the way I make music.  It is a great way for professional and proficient musicians to meet with those new to music so they can learn from one another in a supportive and life enhancing environment. (Mark, musician and singing teacher)

The training experience was enriching both personally and professionally giving me the confidence to try the method out with groups on a professional level, while being a wonderful journey for me personally during the training because of the transpersonal nature of the Lifemusic. (Matt, Social Care Manager and musician)

I found Lifemusic method very useful for my work as this way of music making encourages social interaction and promotes self confidence and positive relationships between people. (Michal, support worker Mencap.)

I found the training very  inspiring. (Pam, Occupational Therapist).

This approach creates a relaxed and easy approach to music, for me it gives the people that I work with who often have little musical background an opportunity to play enjoyable music in groups (Richard, Director of Creative Music, Movement and Arts Company)

The training was excellent with a good venue, plenty of encouragement, teaching and involvement. I found the training both exhilarating and informative as well as beneficial for health on all levels. (Rosie, therapist)

Excellent method, great applicability to almost any group of people would love to use if further for teambuilding. (Sandra, Clinical manager NHS).

Attending the Lifemusic training was so enjoyable, enriching, relaxing, exciting, experiential and moving. It was what real learning is and should be. (Suzie Shrubb, musician and teacher.)

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