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Chloë Goodchild

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Canada, BRITISH COLUMBIA - The Naked Voice Wisdom School, Chloe Goodchild, PO Box 127, Manson’s Landing, Cortes Island, B.C. V0P 1K0, Canada, 01 Sep 2019

Your naked voice is your authentic voice. It is the muscle and mouthpiece of your heart. Once heard, it moves through you like a river. Its resonance touches a wisdom inside you, opens a gateway into the landscape of your soul. Your naked voice will awaken new dimensions of your consciousness, beyond ‘right and wrong’ where your personal and universal spirit can meet as one unified sound.

The Naked Voice Wisdom School provides a multi-faceted and supportive listening environment where you will access, embody and express the voice of your truth through a discovery of the seamless connection between your spoken and sung voice, as one undivided wholeness. Through the practice of sound with energy movement, sacred sonic codes, self-inquiry and spontaneous expression inspired by your poetic imagination, you will access your naked voice in ways you never imagined possible – and all sourced from the music of silence. This empowering vocal journey enables you to integrate your highest aspirations with your grounded purpose on earth, as you come home to yourself through your sound, again and again, discovering what it is to be fully inside your own skin.

Your naked voice is also a unique bridge between you and the rest of the world. Naked Voice Wisdom explores vocal sound as a transformative catalyst for the evolution of conscious loving relationships. Once fully embodied, your unique sound dissolves alienation and loneliness, transforms depression into longing and belonging, navigates conflict co-creatively, restores coherence, harmonizes cultural differences, ignites the compassionate heart, and inspires courageous outcomes.

Once found, your true voice becomes a shining torch that unearths shadow, melting the frozen music of personal history. Your natural sound and the singing melodies of your soul, bypass the rational mind, and activate a quality of surrender or kenosis (letting go) that releases self-limiting beliefs, possessive and narcissistic habits of mind. As self-confidence returns, self-remembrance arises from within, re-uniting you with your sovereign Self. The Naked Voice is an all-inclusive wisdom tree that invites you into a direct experience of unconditional loving presence. You will find yourself in an empowering ‘singing field’ where the individual and the collective are one interconnected community. There, you will discover a resonance of Love that will revolutionize your life and the lives of those around you. This journey can no longer be ignored or silenced.

This Five Day in-depth retreat is designed for newcomers and committed practitioners alike. Everyone is welcome. To clarify if this retreat is for you, you are welcome to book a 1-to-1 Voiceline (Online session) with Chloe beforehand. For more information go to thenakedvoice.com/voicelines and email now@thenakedvoice.com to arrange a booking.

Preparation: You will benefit most by exploring Chloe’s life’s work book, “The Naked Voice, Transform Your life through the Power of Sound” and her Sounds True audio-book, “Awakening through Sound.” You can also download Chloe’s solo albums, “Fierce Wisdom”, “Thousand Ways of Light”, “Devi”, “Sura”, “Contemporary Devotion” and more online.

Chloë Goodchild is an international singer, innovative educator and acclaimed recording artist. She is the founder of The Naked Voice (1990) and its UK Charitable Foundation (2004), and author of “The Naked Voice, Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound” (North Atlantic Books) dedicated to the transforming practice of self-awareness and conscious communication skills, through spoken and sung voice. Chloe is also a Sounds True Author and Teacher on the Faculty of the Shift Network.

Deafness in childhood catalyzed Chloë’s discovery of inner sound and silence. This deep encounter with her authentic self inspired a lifetime of experiential research into the voice as one of humanity’s most untapped resources for personal and global evolution and transformation.

Chloë has sung several times for HH Dalai Lama and was the music director and composer of The Vagina Monologues with acclaimed playwright Eve Ensler. On the morning of September 11th, 2001, Chloë was flying from the UK to San Francisco when the tragic news of the World Trade Center came through. This gave birth to her Fierce Wisdom CD, and her world anthem Singing Field, which were performed at “Transforming September 11th” at the Royal Opera House London.

  • Category : Voice
  • Start Date : 01-09-2019
  • End Date : 06-09-2019
  • Facilitator : Chloe Goodchild
  • Time :
  • Address : PO Box 127, Manson’s Landing, Cortes Island, B.C. V0P 1K0, Canada
  • Contact Name : Tim Chalice
  • Contact Email : now@thenakedvoice.com
  • Contact Phone : (800) 933-6339 / (250) 935-6576 (outside North America)
  • Pricing Details : TUITION: $545 / INCLUSIVE PRICE: $1,210 - $2,335 / 5 nights. Includes tuition, room, all meals, and Hollyhock activities (depends on accommodation choice).
  • Website : https://hollyhock.ca/p/803/the-naked-voice-wisdom-school/
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