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Posted:Jez Smith

UK, BUTSER FARM, PETERSFIELD - Gong Meditation Participative Workshop - Ancient Sacred Sounds, Jez Smith - Ancient Sacred Sounds, Butser Ancient Farm, Petersfield, 06 Aug 2022

Explore the ancient, meditative song of the gong, resonating across the ages.

Immerse yourself in the powerful, uplifting sound of the gongs, played throughout the ages both musically and spiritually. Early musician and music therapist Jez Smith will guide your exploration into this unique instrument, once used by Ancient Roman and Greek oracles, and reveal the meditative, complex soundscapes they can create.

Spend the morning diving deeply into this ancient instrument and exploring ways to play the instrument both together and alone, the importance of resonance, and how to listen actively to unlock the subtleties of this complex and rich sound. On this journey, you will discover the powerful yet gentle effects of the gong, and the ways this rich tapestry of sound can clear the mind for meditation and clarity. This workshop is suitable for anyone looking to experience this ancient sound, with no musical background necessary.

BUTSER FARM, PETERSFIELD - Gong Meditation Participative Workshop - Ancient Sacr

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