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Posted:Dhyana McAlister

Greece, DELPHI - Pythagoras Seminar by Daniel Levy, Daniel Levy, Hotel Amalia, 1, Apollonos St. Delphi, 33054, Greece, 09 May 2020

A fascinating seminar dedicated to Pythagoras' timeless wisdom, led by Maestro Daniel Levy in one of the world's most inspirational location: DELPHI, GREECE.
This seminar explores Pythagoras’ teachings and their applications at all levels: education, medicine, music and science. It also explores the benefits for individuals, groups, communities and organisations. The seminar will demonstrate the applications of Pythagoras’ wisdom in the contemporary world.
The seminar will include informative and inspiring speeches by Daniel Levy, participatory learning and hands-on experiences, including sound and music listening exercises. The overall method will encourage community building, harmonious relationships and self-expression among the participants.

DELPHI - Pythagoras Seminar by Daniel Levy

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