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UK, DEVON - All-Night Gong Puja ceremony, Sheila Whittaker, Splatthayes, Buckerell, Devon, 19 Dec 2020

All-night Gong Puja Ceremony
The all-night Gong Puja ceremony is open to Sheila's current and ex-students. Gong Puja participants bring their bedding and sleep in the Puja space while the gongs are played throughout the night, everyone taking a turn. This is a very profound and sacred healing experience, co-created by all players taking part. It is a great opportunity for experienced Gong players/members of the Gong community to meet up & participate together in a Gong event.
The Winter Solstice Gong Puja ceremony will be held at Sheila's main Gong workshop venue - Splatthayes, Buckerell, near Honiton, Devon. Please contact Sheila for an information flyer giving full details.

  • Category : Gong Work
  • Start Date : 19-12-2020
  • End Date : 20-12-2020
  • Facilitator : Sheila Whittaker
  • Time : 9pm
  • Address : Splatthayes, Buckerell, Devon
  • Contact Name : Sheila Whittaker
  • Contact Email : sheila@sheilawhittaker.com
  • Contact Phone : 01626821511
  • Pricing Details : £30
  • Website : www.sheilawhittaker.com
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