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Posted:Louise Shiels

UK, GLASTONBURY - Winter Deep Rest Retreat, Louise Shiels: Sound Awakening, Glastonbury, 28 Jan 2022

A weekend retreat designed for deepest nourishment and rest; creating space for healing, through ceremony, ritual and Yoga Nidra practice (yogic sleep meditation). Set in the heart of Glastonbury, our days will be spent in slowness, connecting to the space within and drawing on the magic of the land around us to guide our journey together.

We will enjoy daily Yoga Nidra, Reiki healing activations and experience a Sacred Cacao ceremony as we bathe in the healing frequencies of the Gong, Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and voice.

We will be working with the Daring To Rest Yoga Nidra method which plays with the themes of Rest, Release and Rise. We will experience a journey through these three phases and you will leave with some tools to take home to help nourish yourself and embrace more restfulness in your daily life.

Everything is optional on this retreat and you can join in as little or as much as you’d like; whatever feels good for you. This space is really an opportunity to feel nourished, rested and restored.

Our home for the weekend is within walking distance to Glastonbury town centre and the Tor and there will be space in the schedule so that you can explore this magical place.


Gong Sound Healing

Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Baths

Reiki Healing activations

Sacred Cacao Sound Ceremony

Daily Yoga Nidra

Nourishing, healthy food lovingly made by our personal chef Olga

Pilgrimages to the Tor & The White Spring

All teas, drinks, snacks & refreshments

Cosy accommodation in the heart of Glastonbury: the heart Chakra of the world!

A Yoga Nidra recording to take home with you for continued practice

For more information visit my webpage

  • Category : Retreat
  • Start Date : 28-01-2022
  • End Date : 28-11-2021
  • Facilitator : Louise Shiels: Sound Awakening
  • Time : 5pm start Ends at 3pm on Sunday
  • Address : Glastonbury
  • Contact Name : Louise Shiels
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone : 07814 798 452
  • Pricing Details : Early Bird £425
  • Website :
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GLASTONBURY - Winter Deep Rest Retreat

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