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UK, GLASTONBURY - VOICEWORK IN SACRED PLACES; AVALON DURING BELTANE, Touching Sound, Kokstraat 21, 7211AN Netherlands, 29 Apr 2018

A unique collaboration. Ellen Pieterse: professional singer, president elect of the Dutch association of singing teachers. Eric van Grootel, BlackBear: professional singer and shaman, teacher of voice and acting. Mark Lepus, White Bear: wisdom keeper of Avalon, dowser from Glastonbury. Mantras are sound-melodies and energy gestures in your body.  Also they are instruments of the human mind. Together with breath and voice exercises they will strengthen the contact with your physical body, with your inner knowledge and with the wisdom of the land.  They will help you to experience the main leylines and vortexes of this special place which is called ‘the heart chakra of the world’, also know as Avalon, the land behind the veil of Glastonbury. For this reason we have chosen places with special acoustics to meditate and vocalize. We will also use conventional vocal techniques, next to shamanic voice work, soundscapes and songs from different cultures, Christian, Buddhist and shamanic.   Program From Sunday evening 29 April till Thursday evening 3 May: -Druid sunset at The Tor: connecting to it’s chakra’s and leylines. -Chalice Well and White Spring: male and female energy. -The holy thorn, Maria Magdalena Chapel and Wirral Hill: Joseph of Arimathea’s impulse. -The standing stones of Avebury,  the Long Barrow of West Kennet and the labyrinth: Earth Magic. -Beltane is the Celtic festival celebrating the first spring: a special day in Glastonbury.  Daily meeting point Centre of Glastonbury Price 495 Euro plus taxes  This does not include food, lodging and transport. Be quick to book a hotel or B&B, or choose a camping. Beltane will attract a lot of people to Glastonbury. Information and subscription: ericvangrootel@gmail.com tel +31-575527996

  • Category : Chanting & Mantra
  • Start Date : 29-04-2018
  • End Date :
  • Facilitator : Touching Sound
  • Time :
  • Address : Kokstraat 21, 7211AN Netherlands
  • Contact Name : Eric van Grootel
  • Contact Email : ericvangrootel@gmail.com
  • Contact Phone : +31-575527996
  • Pricing Details : 495 Euro Excl.
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