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Posted:Barbara (Blu) Cottam

UK, LINCOLNSHIRE - Introduction to Sound Healing with the Voice (CoSH), Blu Cottam, The Garden Room, Canwick, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, 31 Jul 2021

This Introduction will be Part One of five Parts, spread over the course of the year ahead.
It may be taken as a stand alone weekend- a great introduction to start your journey and empower you with skills for your own wellbeing and self development.
For those wishing to become Sound Healers, you will find it to be a comprehensive, professional course, both informative and practical, enabling a full experience of the power and potential latent within our voice, that , when tuned and used with loving intention can become a wonderful tool for healing ourselves and others.
Certified by The College of Sound Healing.
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  • Category : Course
  • Start Date : 31-07-2021
  • End Date : 12-07-2021
  • Facilitator : Blu Cottam
  • Time : 10am -5pm each day
  • Address : The Garden Room, Canwick, Lincoln, Lincolnshire
  • Contact Name : Blu Cottam
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone : 07792 264753
  • Pricing Details : £200 per weekend or £900 when paid ahead for the complete course comprising 5 weekends
  • Website :
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