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Posted:Simone Salvatici

UK, LONDON - Healing Sound Workshop. Transitions and advanced techniques, Simone Salvatici, 11 Bergholt Crescent, 07 Nov 2021

This practical workshop is designed to to give you some tools and advanced techniques to help you create a more immersive, lush and "musical" sound journey.
It is aimed to anyone with some practical experience in sound healing wanting to expand their sound palette and looking at way to transition from one instrument to another.
We will look into
- Double gong techniques.
- Floomies techniques.
-Transition from and to himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, shruti, voice, musical instruments.
-Grounding techniques and shamanic shakers
I will share with you the importance of smooth transition and ideas to create the most effective sound journeys.
I am a fully qualified musician sound therapist, music therapist with many many years of experience both as performer as well as sound healer.
Cost £120
Limited spaces available
To reserve your place please email
About me
I'm a musician Composer and fully qualified Sound Therapist.
As Sound and Music Therapist I have been practicing since 2014
I use gongs, Himalayan, Crystals, Shakers reed instruments and Synthesisers to create immersive healing experiences.
To me Sound ia s gateway to expand consciousness to a higher level (Altered State of Consciousness), to facilitate release and energetic shifts. Sound remind us of out true vocation and call in this life.
I have been hosting an enormous number of Gong Baths, sound meditations and Sound Immersions all around London, UK and Europe.
I have performed in Tate Modern, Sadler’s Well Theatre, RCA, CCA, Natural History Museum, Cafe Oto and released many records for independent labels that range from instrumental to drone meditative music.

  • Category : Sound Healing
  • Start Date : 07-11-2021
  • End Date : 27-10-2021
  • Facilitator : Simone Salvatici
  • Time : 14-18:30
  • Address : 11 Bergholt Crescent
  • Contact Name : Simone Salvatici
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone : 07979923815
  • Pricing Details : £120
  • Website :
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LONDON - Healing Sound Workshop. Transitions and advanced techniques

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