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Posted:Neil Christey

UK, LONDON - Love Abundance Gratitude, Neil Christey, 1 Fulham Park Road London SW6 4LJ, 23 Jan 2022

Love, Abundance and Gratitude
Cacao Ceremony, Shamanic Journey, Breathwork and Sonic Dreamtime
Sunday 12th December 3pm-6.00pm
1 Fulham Park Road, London SW6 4LJ
Exchange £30

From a place of love we connect to the infinite abundance that surrounds us, all of our reality conspires to bring our true love to us and this puts us in a place of gratitude. Using cacao ceremony, shamanic journey, breath work and sonic dream time we will open up to our true essence align and with our authenticity which will in turn activate our abundance code. We will make the leap from seeking abundance to having and becoming abundance.
We live in a universe that is inherently abundant, when we follow our hearts desire this abundance flows towards us like a magnet.

Cacao Ceremony
Opening up the ceremony by honoring the gifts for the earth and of nature, remembering the gifts that are ours without needing to ask. Finding our frequency of gratitude, the highest frequency for calling in abundance and bringing this diamond grade frequency to our energy field.

Shamanic Journey
A guided meditation to discover the spirit of abundance and to invite our ancestors, angelic guides, spirit animals and nature allies to assist us build our pathway to beautiful abundance. We will also be working with our guides for prosperity and wealth.

Breathwork Alchemy
Using breath work alchemy to fuse the diamond frequency of gratitude to the image of abundance that we have created. We will use breath work to upgrade our energetic codes with the new paradigm of abundance that we have created and breathe it throughout all of our being and into reality.

Sonic Dreamtime
A gong bath to bring the new frequency into coherence with our mind body and spirit.

Regular gong bath sessions are still running every Thursday night from 7-8.30pm

With love


Tickets are £30 and include the ethically sourced Cacao and light snack

If you have any questions please email me at or call 0743268926

This perfect offering is hosted by Neil Christey - The Gong Room

Neil Christey

Neil sees a master of healing in everybody. Neil works with the frequency of Gaia and angelic presence to anchor the healing power of Love to the here and now. Using ancient ceremonial instruments that have their origins in the healing temples of our ancestors, Neil is a channel of healing sound and love light.
'I am humbled by the power of sound and the transformational healing journey it lovingly provides. It has allowed me to accept my healing journey with acceptance and pride. The healing arts have enabled me to be in control whilst I am in my most vulnerable and wounded places. I walk with courage, dignity and love. I accept my beauty, I see it an all things and I meet with Peace as my equal. And so it is by healing myself that I heal the same part of me in all that is.'

  • Category : Workshop
  • Start Date : 23-01-2022
  • End Date : 10-01-2022
  • Facilitator : Neil Christey
  • Time : 3-6pm
  • Address : 1 Fulham Park Road London SW6 4LJ
  • Contact Name : Neil Christey
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone : 07543268926
  • Pricing Details : £30
  • Website :
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LONDON - Love Abundance Gratitude

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