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Planet Earth, L MONTHLY MANTRA CHANTING SESSIONS with Muz MURRAY, Muz Murray (aka Ramana Baba in India), N/A, 24 Jul 2020

Experiencing Inner Peace in Muz’s Murray’s Magical Mantra Meditations

Owing to the lockdown, and because of missing out on workshops, my 30-year long-standing devoted ‘Mantra Family’ students, have pressed me to begin a monthly series of mantra meditations via Zoom video.

The sessions run for an hour and a half from 11.30 am -1 pm (GMT/London time) and include readings from my book “You Are the Light: Secrets of the Sages Made Simple”, plus an hour of chant, with participants joining in the repetition in their own homes.

As a number of other mantra-lovers have been asking if they may join in, the ‘Family’ (the loveliest people you can find anywhere) have kindly accepted other mantra-chanters into our Mantra Sangha.

The next session will be on Friday 24th July at 11.30 am. (That may be towards evening in some parts of the US)

If you are interested in joining us, please add your Facebook name in the Private Message section on Muz Murray's Facebook timeline, or send me an email titled, “I would like to join the Mantra Meditation” and I will add you to our Mantra Sangha list, where you will find the Zoom link ID to participate.

Welcome. Come join our merry blissful throng.

My Email: gerugandalf@gmail.com

  • Category : Chanting & Mantra
  • Start Date : 24-07-2020
  • End Date : 30-06-2020
  • Facilitator : Muz Murray (aka Ramana Baba in India)
  • Time : 11.30 am-1pm (GMT/ London time)
  • Address : N/A
  • Contact Name : Muz Murray/ Debbie Botterill
  • Contact Email : gerugandalf@gmail.com
  • Contact Phone :
  • Pricing Details : Donation according to your capacity (many offer 20-30 of whatever is their currency. Your choice.
  • Website : www.muzmurray.com
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