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Posted:Tammy Yick

UK, MALMESBURY - Yoga & Gong Morning, Tammy Yick & Kristen Pollard, Abbey House Gardens Malmesbury, 26 Sep 2021

*We have two kinds of tickets for sale, you can choose either 9:30am - 11:30am for the whole Yoga & Gong experience at £35 per person or Gong Bath only from 10:30am - 11:30am at £20 per person. All ticket price include entry to the Gardens.

Join Kristen and Tammy for a Yoga & Gong morning at the Abbey House Gardens in its most beautiful garden (weather permitting) or inside the elegant 15th century Tudor period library. Kristen will guide you through a refreshing Kundalini/Vinyasa style practice which will leave you feeling serene and strong. Surrounded by flowers and birdsong, the yoga combined with healing gong bath in the magical formal grounds of Abbey House Gardens is sure to stimulate the senses, rejuvenating your body, mind and soul.

You are welcomed to spend the rest of the day to explore the Gardens or enjoy a lunch at the cafe, let the environment engulf you with enchanted energies.

  • Category : Gong Work
  • Start Date : 26-09-2021
  • End Date : 14-09-2021
  • Facilitator : Tammy Yick & Kristen Pollard
  • Time : 9:30am to 11:30am
  • Address : Abbey House Gardens Malmesbury
  • Contact Name : Tammy Yick
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone :
  • Pricing Details : £35 Yoga & Gong or £20 Gong only (ticket includes entry to the Gardens)
  • Website :
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