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Fabien Maman

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UK, MARKET HARBOROUGH , LEICESTERSHIRE - Tama-Do Way of the Soul through Shamanism of the Light & Colour Therapy, Terres Unsoeld, Market Harborough, 23 Oct 2021

Tama-Do The Way of the Soul through Shamanism of the Light & Colour Therapy

Tama-Do means 'Way of the soul to the Light'
We use energy work, spiritual practice & self-knowledge to receive the Light & pass it on to others.
In this transformational workshop, 'spiritual healer & revealer', TERRES UNSOELD, takes us on an amazing journey through colour & the soul journey.
We experience the impacts of colour on our aura & chakras. We learn to balance our energies
& awaken our Divine essence. We re-activate the archetypal colour wisdom as it relates to the 7 Rays, Kabbalah & beyond.

Shamanism of Light®, a new paradigm of healing,
based on the 8 Master trees, 8 Master stars & 8 stages of life.
As we shift to this New-Age consciousness, we must learn new ways to open our way of the soul. We rise our consciousness beyond the emotional, up to the stars in order to touch the Light of the Divine and bring it back Home. Explore your 'Arrow of Destiny' from a new Light perspective!
This course is a pivitol experiential course for all those wishing to unfold the next step of their soul journey or for all healing practitioners wishing to bring some new Light into their practice.

For nearly 40 years Tama-Do Academy has offered Professional Certification Programmes in Sound Healing, Color Therapy & Chi Movement to ground the soul in the daily life.
Faery Shaman TERRES UNSOELD, Master Teacher of the Academy has been an Energy Practitioner of the Light since the early 80s, inspiring students around the world to realize & express the true essence of their Soul. She is the creator of a new paradigm of healing - Shamanism of Light® ~ upon which Tama-Do Academy is now based. Terres follows the Linegae of Colour Masters Vicky Wall & Patricia Janusz. She is the author of Accessing the Way of the Soul through Color' (2007) & created her own line of Rainbow Color Silks & Faery Essentials® (essences) She is also author of the books 'Shamanism of the Light' and 'Initiatique Trees of the Light' & the Inspirational 8 Teaching Movies - 'A Noble Hero's Journey'.

  • Category : Course
  • Start Date : 23-10-2021
  • End Date : 25-10-2021
  • Facilitator : Terres Unsoeld
  • Time : 10am-5pm
  • Address : Market Harborough
  • Contact Name : Carrie Mitchell
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone : 07814036314
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