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UK, Online Live Soundbath Relaxation, Christian Jensen, , 07 Mar 2021

Allow yourself to be still, as you relax to the sounds of these powerful, healing instruments, all in the comfort of your own home.

LIVE ONLINE MEDITATION & SOUNDBATH RELAXATION...Hosted via ZOOM Please see below for more information on Zoom and How to download, prior to the event). A link will be sent for you to access the event approximately 1 hr prior to the start of the live event.

WHEN: Sunday 07th & 21st February plus 7th & 21st March 2021 at 7:25pm (session starts at 7:30pm)

WHERE: Globally - In the comfort of your own home

COST: £8pp (inclusive of booking fee)
Tickets via www.soundjourneybychristian.co.uk/group-soundbaths

Book on and join the live session or get the recording for 7 days to listen at your convenience (sent via Google Drive to your email)


7th February & 7th March will be Himalayan Singing Bowls and Hand-Pan Relaxation
21st February & 21st March will be Himalayan & Crystal Singing Bowl Relaxation

A Deep Healing Meditation and Soundbath. During this session you will be taken into a deep healing space, taking you on a journey of healing right down to a cellular level, shifting stuck energy, healing, re-balancing and re-aligning your chakras, enabling a process of healing on an emotional, physical, spiritual and mental level, to raise your vibration and improve your overall wellbeing - all in the comfort of your own home.

Allow yourself to be still, to just be, concentrate on your breath, as you release and relax the muscles, the mind, body and spirit and bring awareness to your whole body - here and now. During this session you will be taken on a journey, deep within the Delta Brainwave frequency, where the deepest of healing can take place, the body is at total rest and you are lulled into a sense of deep relaxation.


To receive the zoom link, pre booking is required, and it will be sent out automatically, for you to join the session approximately1hr before the start of the session, please be sure to check your spam folder, in the event you do not receive the link, then please email:sound.journeybychristian@gmail.com.

Please ensure you have your speakers/ headphones connected and a webcam if possible (although not essential). During the Live session all participant Microphones will be muted, for the benefit of everyone.

I will open the meeting 5-10 minutes prior to the start, to enable time to say hello and settle in to the space and the moment, where I will then invite you to comment in the chat box, at the beginning of the session, to say hello to fellow attendees and set your intention for the session (This may be shared to everyone or privately). Towards the end of the session there will be the opportunity for you to share your experience of the session, if you so wish to.

More about Zoom:

Virtual Events will be live on Zoom.

All you need to take part is a computer with a webcam and microphone. A camera is not essential but without it, the experience is less interactive and would not be recommended for a longer workshop.

I have chosen Zoom for the online session as it's very easy to download, use and gives the best possible sound quality to experience the session. If you do not have Zoom, visit https://zoom.us/ and sign up for free.

On paying for any virtual event, you will receive an email giving the Zoom link to access your class. Remember to CHECK YOUR JUNK folder if you don’t receive this confirmation email in your main inbox

I look forward to welcoming you to this LIVE ONLINE Meditation and Soundbath.

Warmest Regards,



  • Category : Sound Healing
  • Start Date : 07-03-2021
  • End Date : 30-01-2021
  • Facilitator : Christian Jensen
  • Time : 19:30-20-30 UK time
  • Address :
  • Contact Name : Christian Jensen
  • Contact Email : sound.journeybychristian@gmail.com
  • Contact Phone : 07849861713
  • Pricing Details : £8 per person
  • Website : www.soundjourneybychristian.co.uk
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