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Planet Earth, Our Voice is Our Medicine Advanced Sound Bodywork Online Course with VICKIE DODD, Vickie Dodd , Online - Link will be sent upon registration, 25 May 2019

Our Voice is Our Medicine
Advanced Sound Bodywork Course
A 3-Month Online Journey
With Vickie Dodd
Hosted by: Joule LAdara

Join us for a 3-Month advanced online course exploring sacred vocal sounding with Vickie Dodd. For this advanced-level course, Vickie will present her teachings through the lens of the human chakra energy system. Each 2-hour class will focus on a different chakra, illuminating the energy centers’ connection to the glands of the physical body. Through focusing on the aspects and attributes each chakra governs, we will engage in investigative self-inquiry, utilizing the sound of our own voices together with the vibration of color and light.

We will gather together in a virtual sacred circle, learning and sharing powerful tools to cultivate self-love in these seemingly tumultuous times of change.

Lead by Sound Pioneer Vickie Dodd of Sacred SoundWorks, and hosted by Joule LAdara of Sounding Circles, the course meets live on the Zoom online platform for 6 two-hour sessions on alternating Saturdays. Each participant will also receive a one-on-one session with Vickie as well as regular email and phone access to her throughout the duration of the course.

During this intensive course we will explore together:

-Unwinding and identifying symptoms of patriarchal shaping
-Embracing the Nature of Our Being
-Recognizing the Power of Nature and what that means historically & culturally
-The Chakra system in connection to our physical glands
-Physical and Spiritual Self-Care
-Deepening our Listening Skills
-The In-Depth Practice of Loving Unconditionally
-The Rhythm of the Emotional body
-Continuing the Thread of Shining Light on Shadow...

We ask: “How can we practice cooperating and recognizing competition - especially women with one another?”

This is an advanced course and open to past participants of Vickie’s online or in-person training intensives or classes. If you have not previously studied with Vickie, you may apply to join this course with special permission (which may entail the need for booking some private online sessions with Vickie so that you fully understand the fundamentals of her sound work needed to engage fully with this course.)

Please contact joule@soundingcircles.com to apply and receive pricing and details.

Online Group Sessions to take place on the following Dates:

Saturday, March 2nd
Saturday, March 16th
Saturday, March 30th
Saturday April 13th
Saturday April 27th
Saturday, May 11th (*One-hour Q & A Session)
Saturday May 25th
*Personal One-On-One Sessions with Vickie to take place May-June

Times of Live Classes:
US: 11am - 1pm PST, 12pm-2pm MST, 1pm-2pm CST, 2pm - 4pm EST
South America: 4pm-6pm Argentina, 5pm-7pm Brazil
UK: 7pm-9pm, Europe: 8pm-10pm
Australia: 3am-5am WA, 5am-7am QLD, 5:30am-7:30am SA, 6am-8am NSW/VIC

**Please Note: Time changes in US/EUR/AUS will alter the class start times as daylight savings time is adjusted accordingly, making AUS start times 2 hours earlier after April 7th**

All classes are video recorded in case you cannot attend live

Course Fees:
Savings Class Fee: $599 or 3 monthly payments of $220
Ends Monday, Feb. 25th at midnight PST
Late Registration: $649 or 3 monthly payments of $250
After Feb. 26th

  • Category : On-line course
  • Start Date : 25-05-2019
  • End Date : 22-02-2019
  • Facilitator : Vickie Dodd
  • Time :
  • Address : Online - Link will be sent upon registration
  • Contact Name : Joule L'Adara
  • Contact Email : joule@soundingcircles.com
  • Contact Phone : +1-310-321-2711
  • Pricing Details : US$599 until 2/25, US$649 after 2/26 (Payment Plans also available)
  • Website :
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Our Voice is Our Medicine Advanced Sound Bodywork Online Course with VICKIE DODD

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