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Mitch Nur

Posted:Mitch Nur

USA, ONLINE - SONIC THEOLOGY: Metaphysics, with Mitch Nur PhD, Kalpana Parekh, Howard Barry Schatz, , 19 Feb 2022


Sonic Theology is the metaphysics of sound, and features an examination of Western, Mid Eastern, and Far Eastern theoretical approaches to Sound Therapy. A 43,000 year analysis of the footprints of Sound Therapy, and beyond. One of the power-points features over 150 frames of information alone; and there are 5 power-points throughout the program. We even have a movie night! Sonic Theology is everything missing from all sound healing programs presented in the West, and may very well be the most thorough historical investigation on the subject ever presented. Don't be fooled into thinking that the western model of Sound Therapy is important, because it is based on much older systems outside the Greek model. This program is limited to just 11 new students to insure an intimate learning environment. Discover what Pythagoras brought to Crotana from India, why is the House of Wisdom important, follow the thread from Gobustan to Anatolia, and discover ancient systems that are useful today. While Europe was under the grips of the Dark Ages, the Golden Chain of the Pythagorean philosophers extended into central Asia. Entire secretive organizations flourished who understood the curative ability that sound and music has on us. This program explains everything, to the point, that you will feel you have previously been taught nothing. In order to gain 'new truths,' you must discard old truths; unless YOU change, YOU cannot change others.

This program includes Howard Barry Schatz, author, computer specialist, classically trained composer, and music theorist, has spent the last 40 years deciphering the riddles within monotheism’s oldest and most mysterious sacred text, the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation). These are the only writings attributed to the great patriarch Abraham by the Orthodox Jewish community, and within that community they are the seminal writings on monotheism and Kabbalah. Howard is the author of 2 books: The Science of Religion and The Lost Word of God. Joining Howard is Kalpana Parekh, a trained Music Therapist in India; and director of Wellness Around the World. She has a Masters degree in Social Work from Columbia University and is a licensed clinical social worker; musician and singer. Kalpana will open the world of Indian Music, and with her mother, Vasanti Parekh wiill perform Raga live, offering a multi generational aspect to this program. Archeomusicologist, Ethnomusicologist and explorer Mitch Nur, PhD is one of North America's oldest practicing Sound Therapist's, Researcher and Teachers. An authority on over 100 indigenous sound instruments, author, and international speaker. This esteemed faculty will offer clear instructions, and insights from over 100 years of personal research and experience.

In a nutshell, this program looks at the foundation of Sound Therapy from the pre-Sumer, Babylonian, Greek, Vedic, Kabbalah, Arabic models, with a global historical view presented, spanning 43,000 years. Discover that the 'Golden Chain' of the Pythagorean Brotherhood extended for approx. 1300 years after the death of Archytas.

This is a serious academic examination, that has been cultivated over 4 decades of research, field studies, and direct experience. This is the essential information missing from most sound programs presented today, and this in depth investigation unlocks the lineages, and creates an accurate timeline of Sound Therapy globally.


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