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Posted:Sathari Kam

UK, Qigong of the light, Sathari Kam, Online, 08 Aug 2020

Qigong online is not something I would have envisaged a year ago, however
having run a class successfully and regularly online it is certainly worth trying. It means that people who normally would not have been able to attend because of distance are able to
Be there and learn the form. It means they get to practise in a group, they don't have to be worried about water droplet when they exhale.
I can see them physically and energetically and we get to a level only regular practice will ensure. So now is the time to bring it into your field and give yourself a sporting chance. We will start by working seriously with the
Lung meridian and build ourselves up for winter.
Email to register and obtain joining instructions.

  • Category : Bodywork
  • Start Date : 08-08-2020
  • End Date : 05-08-2020
  • Facilitator : Sathari Kam
  • Time : 10:00am end at 11:00am
  • Address : Online
  • Contact Name : Sathari
  • Contact Email : Sathari_342@outlook.com
  • Contact Phone : 07522698552
  • Pricing Details : By donation
  • Website :
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