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Sarah Gregg

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UK, Reiki Drumming (The Reiki Drum Technique), Sarah Gregg, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, 07 Sep 2019

Open to anyone who is attuned to Level II Usui Reiki or above. This wonderful healing modality adds something unique and special to your Reiki toolbag. Learn Reiki Drum Healing, Reiki Drum Mental/Emotional Reprogamming and Reiki Drum Journeying. We keep the class size small in order to allow participants to go deep into their own processes. A healing and joyous experience! You will be issued with a certificate at the end of the training and will be qualified as a Reiki Drum practitioner. This qualification is recognised by all the leading therapy bodies and Reiki associations within the UK. Our school is a CMA (Complementary Medical Association) registered college. Sarah Gregg introduced Reiki Drumming into the UK in 2007.

Course Structure
•Preparation of Self
•Creating Sacred Space
•Space Clearing & Preparation with Essence
•Honouring the Seven Sacred Directions Meditation Ceremony
•Reiki Drum Selection Ceremony
•What is The Reiki Drum Technique?
•Origins of Reiki Drumming™
•Scientific Research on Drumming & Its Healing Powers
•Reiki Drum Journey - Soul Retrieval Technique
•Group Drumming - Practical
•Reiki Drum Attunement
•The Power of Thought
•Reiki Drum Healing - Basic Technique
•Giving and Receiving a Drum Healing Session - Practical
•Reiki Drum - Journey Technique
•Giving and Receiving a Journey Session - Practical
•Professional Ethics for Practitioners & Code of Conduct
•Intuitively working with Reiki and the Drum - Practical work with symbols
•Reiki Drum Mental/Emotional Reprogramming Technique
•Giving and Receiving a Reprogramming Session - Practical
•Journey to meet your Power Animal
•Connecting with the unique energy of your own personal drum
•Teaching the Reiki Drum Technique and Case Study Guidelines
•Closing Ceremony

  • Category : Drumming
  • Start Date : 07-09-2019
  • End Date : 08-09-2019
  • Facilitator : Sarah Gregg
  • Time : 0930-1700
  • Address : Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire
  • Contact Name : Sarah Gregg
  • Contact Email : info@reikidrum.co.uk
  • Contact Phone : 01279600104
  • Pricing Details : £200 if you have your own drum £295 with 16" Remo Buffalo drum supplied
  • Website : http://www.reikidrum.co.uk/courses6.html
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Reiki Drumming (The Reiki Drum Technique)

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